PLC or Ccada system

We are leading manufacturer and suppler of high quality and industry standard system panels. The panels are manufactured as per client requirements / specification and are made of from high quality / industry standard materials. We have industry standard factory in Pune and Mumbai.

Our system panel offering are

  • System Panel
  • Marshalling Panel
  • Relay Panel
  • JB panel

plc or scada system

PLCs are suitable for Local Area Control (plants,production lines,etc.). A Digital Computer used for Automation and Control Applications

PLCs are armored for severe conditions (such as dust, moisture, heat, cold), and have the facility for extensive input/output (I/O) arrangements. These connect the PLC to sensors and actuators.

PLCs used in larger I/O systems may have peer-to-peer (P2P) communication between processors. This allows separate parts of a complex process to have individual control while allowing the subsystems to co-ordinate over the communication link. These communication links are also often used for HMI devices such as keypads or PC-type workstations.

Controllers are specially designed to survive in harsh situations and shielded from heat, cold, dust, and moisture, etc. PLC consists of a microprocessor which is programmed using the computer language.